Thursday, April 4, 2013

We Moved yet again!!!!

Well we moved again and this time all the way to Hawaii. We had very short notice and it was a very hectic rush. We made it though. It's taken a long time to get settled in and adjust to living here. I so miss being able to get some of the things I have gotten use to like flicker bulbs for my lamps so I had to order them online. I also miss some restaurants that we ate at on the mainland :( oh well I will make the most of living here. I have tried to create my Primitive home here and that's been challenging but I am managing. The hubby is getting ready to eave for a while so me and the kiddos will be taking things one day at a time. Well I will post some pictures as soon as I get them together. I hope everyone is well!!!!! Joy

Friday, December 30, 2011

Hapyy New Year!!!

I just wanted to drop by and wish everyone a very Happy New Year. I have been so busy with Christmas I have not had anytime for anything. Now that the year is closing and a New Year will be here I am looking forward to what the new year has in store. I am hoping that this year will bring goodness to all my family and friends. Well I have company that will be here shortly so i am going to close.

Again Happy New Year!!!


Friday, December 9, 2011

So happy its the weekend

So I dont know about Y'all but I am so glad that the weekend is here. I think this time of year makes you much more tired than usual. Well I am not getting much sleep anyways between my two little dogs and the hubby there is no room for me. I think its time to get a bigger bed LOL.

So tomorrow is Christmas picture day. I am going to get the family all dressed up and we are going to take pictures so I can frame them and send them to family as Christmas gifts. Sense we live so far from everyone I try and send framed photos every year. Then tomorrow night we are going to the Festival of lights. I hear it is fun sure hope the kids enjoy it. Then Sun. I am hoping to get some rest and get ready for the week. Its the last week the kids have before they start there Christmas Vacation, which my son thinks he will get to sleep till lunch time LOL!!! So I will have a busy week trying to get everything done before I have them wanting all my attention.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Its begining to look alot like Christmas

Ok so I know its been a few days maybe even a week. I am finally getting around to posting the pictures of our home. I have to be creative sometimes living in Military housing. One day I will have my dream home but until then our home is where ever the Navy sends us. Hope you enjoy

I also wanted to share with everyone what my wonderful hubby made me for a early Christmas present.

I just love it and I just love him. :)

Well thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed seeing my home.

Lots of Love


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I am very thankful this year that my family is together. I am greatful to my extened family I know we are not together but I do love you all very much. My military family most of whom I consider my family (my military family). I love you all.

So today I ate lots of food and now I feel like I might explode LOL!!! I did get my tree up and I love it. Its hard decorating military housing but my hubby tells me that somehow it always looks beauitful. Now I wonder if he is lying LOL!!! I will get some pictures up this week. I want to show you all the new garland I made I think it turned out really good.

Well in closing I hope you all have had a wonderful day and for those of you going shopping good luck and stay safe.


Saturday, November 19, 2011


Ok so I know its been a while but things have been crazy we moved yet again but thats the military life. I have a goal to blog more I am really going to try. I am finding so me new blogs to follow but they are not being saved. I have added new blogs several times and they disappear. So if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

So I am working on another rag garland for our tree. I am really liking this one. As soon as I am done I will post Pictures. Also been doing alot of other crafting projects getting ready for the upcoming holiday season.

Well until next time I hope my blog gets fixed and I can follow the new blogs I found


Monday, August 16, 2010


OK I know its been a long time but a lot has been going on. I have moved yet again. We bought a little brick house in Alabama and I have been fixing it up and trying to make it a cozy home. We bought a fixer upper and I have been doing a lot of painting and replacing carpet and doing this all by myself because my hubby is still gone but he will be home soon though and I cant wait. You gotta love the military life. This home is not my DREAM HOUSE but I have grown to like it. My kids are doing great loving the small town life and me I am missing some of the city, I would have never thought I would miss it LOL!!! Their is still so much to do and never seems to be enough of me to do it. I cant wait for the hubby to get here to help me. I will post pics of the house soon. I hope I will grow to love it. I am thankful for being able to own a home. Well I will do my very best on keeping you updated on my new journey in life.