Monday, December 14, 2009


Well my weekend was so busy. My kids Christmas play was this weekend and it went so well but we were so busy with that. All the practices and the time we put into it for weeks all seemed worth it when I heard them sing. All the kids did such a wonderful job. This week is going to be crazy as well. I will be at the kids school all week helping teachers with Christmas parties. As busy as my life seems sometimes I feel very lucky to be able to be their for them. It is so important to me to be with them as much as I can. With their dad leaving like he does I sometimes feel I try to make up for him not being around. Well this week I hope to finish my Christmas shopping and do a little baking then the great grandparents will be here Thurs. for a quick trip before Christmas. Well I hope to finish a few projects I am doing for presents and then I think I will be ready for Christmas. Well I hope everyone is having a great Monday.

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